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  • Discus the NMU Announcements.

  • Data and discussion about the information resources Olson Library provides and the expenditures necessary to maintain them.

  • This group is for the branding working committee to share documents, give feedback and have discussion.

  • An interactive discussion of international student and program marketing possibilities for Northern Michigan University among the participants of the gaming event held at NMU in January 2013.

  • A group to discuss the NMU Mobile app.  Feedback, comments, and suggestions are all welcome here.

  • This site is used for discussion of bubble sheet test scoring and course evaluations. 
    Self enrollment: Bubble Sheet Discussion
  • MyNMU is an open source replacement for Please use the discussion forum to post feedback about the new site.
    Self enrollment: MyNMU Discussion
  • During the Spring of 2012 NMU rolled out a new content management system (CMS) called Drupal. Please use the forums to post any problems or questions you might have about the CMS. These forums are moderated by Communications and Marketing personnel.
  • Participate in a discussion about EduCat.
  • Northern Michigan University held a university forum on April 20 to discuss budget planning for Fiscal Year 2012 budget and changes to address the anticipated $7 million decrease in state appropriations. NMU students, faculty and staff can discuss the budget planning ideas here.
  • Information and resources relative to field placement for Social Work majors

  • This group is a space to centralize all Relay for Life planning activities

  • Allergen manual available for online training of all dining services personnel, full time, temporary labor, and student labor. A test will be generated after the employee reads the manual for retention purposes.

    Self enrollment: NMU Dining Allergen Training
  • The Facilities Oporeations group includes the following NMU departments: Engineering and Planning, Purchasing, Facilities Operations, Plant Operations, Technical Trades, Utilities, Custodial, Grounds, and Facilities Maintenace Attendants.

  • The Academic Service Learning (ASL) Advisory Board has a website at The ASL membership consists of engaged NMU faculty, staff, administrators, and students who work to incorporate community service as a means of helping NMU students gain a deeper understanding of academic course objectives, acquire new knowledge, develop professional expertise, and engage in civic activity. The current ASL chair is Judy Puncochar.

  • To provide a location where faculty and staff of the College of Business and retrieve information on departmental meetings, minutes, and other documents pertinent to the group.  Subgroups would fall under the main group (ie. committees, meetings) to allow access only to members of these committees.

  • This will be a location for Northern Michigan University international students to post/share comments,concerns, ideas, questions, things of interest; which can then be discussed and commented on by international students at NMU.

  • Hold documents for the grant writing process

  • This group is for the Student Signals Pilot Group.  Please post any questions or concerns here.

  • This is a group of faculty members working to gether to achieve two objectives:
    1. To establish a new multi-disciplinary major: Neuroscience Major. This would be a tremendous asset to students interested in such a field and a strengthener for NMU's student recruitment.

    2. To seek funding to establish a Neuroscience Research Center that would bring external funding into NMU to support research opportunities for faculty and students.

  • This is a place to post materials for the faculty and staff in the Psychology Department.

  • Documentation related to usage of share.

    Guest access: Share DocumentationSelf enrollment: Share Documentation
  • Group to share information with the NMU Foundation Board of Trustees.

  • An AISAC 2011-2012 goal is to keep official documents in an established, easily accessible repository.
    Self enrollment: Academic Information Services Advisory Committee
  • * This is not the group for Academic assessment of learning submission or Service Unit assessment.

    AQIP public documents only

    Guest access: AQIP Public documentsSelf enrollment: AQIP Public documents
  • This page will house resources for Athletic Training students, including but not limited to:
    Student Handbook
    Evaluation Tools
    Mini Contracts
    Program Applications
    Forms (Confidentiality, Assumption of Risk, CAATE release, etc.)
    Self enrollment: Athletic Training Resource Page
  • This is a secure venue for Biology personnel to use for exchange of official documents, discussions and other collaborative activities that are most easily accomplished online.

    Self enrollment: Biology Department Business
  • Information and application information for social work majors about field placement
  • CNAS Faculty Affairs Committee
  • The Committee on Undergraduate Programs (CUP) is responsible for all matters relating to undergraduate courses and curricula.  This committee reviews proposals for new courses and programs, for changes in program requirements, for modifications of courses, for changes in departmental names, and for deletion of courses and programs.

    Self enrollment: Committee on Undergraduate Programs

  • The Decolonizing Diet Project (DDP) (approved by IRB: project # HS11-415) is an exploratory study of the relationship between people and indigenous foods of the Great Lakes Region.

    The research team will work with 25 voluntary research subjects to prepare them for a year-long commitment to an indigenous diet of food items from the Great Lakes Region. They will facilitate educational opportunities for the research subjects to learn about accessing indigenous food items through the local economy, foraging, hunting, fishing, and gardening. A database of indigenous foods availability will be developed and shared with research subjects prior to beginning the diet. Research subjects’ data will then be added to the database throughout the implementation and reporting phases.

    The DDP research subjects will commit to a level of 25-100% of their daily diet to consist of Indigenous foods from the Great Lakes Region. They will also develop an exercise plan in consultation with an exercise science specialist and/or their personal physician. The DDP study will be self-monitored by the research subjects and documented using video, photo, audio, and written journals/logs. The DDP research team will periodically collect data from the research subjects and transfer it to a central repository for later analysis during the reporting phase.

    Guest access: Decolonizing Diet ProjectSelf enrollment: Decolonizing Diet Project
  • This Share Group is for EN102 Tutors to receive pertinent training information, participate in discussion forums, communicate with each other and the Retention Enhancement Coordinator in one, centralized location.

  • Activity related to the finalization of the ESR grant project
    Self enrollment: Fish Lab - ESR project group
  • Administrative site for the Graduate Programs Committee (GPC). This site includes a list of Graduate Faculty recommended by GPC and approved by the Academic Senate, as well as agendas, minutes, and GPC reports to the Senate.

  • This group is a test group set up to test features.

    Guest access: HelpDesk Test GroupSelf enrollment: HelpDesk Test Group
  • HPER Department Head Search Interviews
  • Information Technology collaboration

    Guest access: Information Technology
  • "Powered By" is the Intel MWG (Mobile Wireless Group) Beta testing Program where Intel employees and some of our selected partners use the latest pre-released Wireless Hardware and Software on their notebook computers.   Our main goal (but not only one) is to expose bugs long before our product reaches our customers.   The idea behind it is that with all the testing done in the various labs, we can never capture all of the real life user experience based issues and bugs.   NMU offers a wonderful variety of areas to put Intel's new products through their paces and allows us at NMU to have a lot of fun doing it. 
  • Group site for documents, photos, discussion, and other information related to the Jamrich Hall Modernization Project.
  • This group will be used to post training materials for Olson Library Public Services student workers.
    Self enrollment: Library Public Services student training
  • McNair Scholars Program is a U.S. Department of Education grant funded program at NMU. We work with underserved students who have a desire to pursue research and a Ph.D.

  • Established to assist Michigan Communities in creating a culture of waterfront safety, this forum helps municipalities located near lakeshores and beaches share best practices and information related to public education, on-shore, off-shore and emergency response support.

  • Group to handle the discussion and collaboration of the NMU Mobile application.

  • Discussion about issues related to music education in the Upper Peninsula and adjacent areas. 

  • NMU Philosophy Club group is used to share readings for upcoming meetings.
    Self enrollment: Northern Michigan University Philosophy Club
  • Requesting a moodle site to experiment with online training for Housing and Residence Life student positions.
    Self enrollment: Residence Life Training
  • This Share Group is for the Retention Initiative's UTAs to receive pertinent training information, participate in discussion forums, communicate with each other and the Retention Enhancement Coordinator in one, centralized location.

  • Information collected by NMU’s retirement oversight committee.

  • The BSW Program relies on professional social workers to provide field education experience for our majors. This site provides information to help potential field instructors learn about our field education program and a convenient one stop resource site to aid current field instructors in designing a field experience and managing the placement experience.
    Self enrollment: Social Work Field Instructors Resource Site
  • Student Fellows and Staff of NMU's Student Leader Fellowship Program will use this forum to make announcements, share information, discuss topics, and track student's progress toward completing the program requirements. 

  • Teacher Education Unit

    Self enrollment: Teacher Education Unit
  • This training site provides literature, readings and quizzes to test your knowledge about Standard Operating Procedures of the UMBTC.

    Guest access: Upper Michigan Brain Tumor Center Laboratory Training
  • This Action Project intends to promote a climate that will help attract, hire and retain employees with diverse leadership skills, as well as train and mentor a pool of leaders who could be promoted from within. Through training of faculty, staff and administrators, NMU can develop leadership skills used at all levels and better assist itself in facilitating effective succession planning.

  • This is a collaborative repository website for information collected, drafted, discussed, and approved relating to the Distance Delivery Action Project.

  • This is a collaborative, repository website for information collected, drafted, discussed, and approved relating to the Academic Program Review Action Project.

  • NMU Guidelines and Templates for overseeing work experience related courses, including internships, field experiences, placements, practica, clinics, etc.

    Self enrollment: Work Experiences - Internships
  • This Action Project will develop processes for effective leadership-guided communication and recognized feedback mechanisms. (2011-2012)

  • Development repository for 2014

  • The purpose of this website is to collect academic department assessment of learning reports and hold them for review.
  • The purpose of this website is to collect service unit outcome assessment reports and plans, and hold them for review.
  • This repository holds materials for an AQIP General Education Learning Outcomes and Assessment task force

  • Social Work Competency
    Self enrollment: Social Work Competency
  • NMU Middle East Team
    Self enrollment: NMU Middle East Team

  • The Seaborg Center hosts quarterly workshops for the Marquette-Alger Math Learning Team. The team members are teachers from local schools representing their districts. As the director of the Seaborg Center hosting these 4 days of math training and updates, I am hopeful I will be able to host a moodle course for the Math Learning Team for this year.

    Self enrollment: Math Learning Team

  • The Seaborg Center hosts quarterly workshops for the Marquette-Alger Science Learning Team. The team members are teachers from local schools representing their districts. As the director of the Seaborg Center hosting these 4 days of science training and updates, I am hopeful I will be able to host a moodle course for the Science Learning Team for this year.

    Self enrollment: Science Learning Team
  • Contains procedures for student employees in the library's Technical Services Department

  • Qualtrics online survey software can be employed in every area of our campus for both faculty and students.

    Guest access: Qualtrics at NMUSelf enrollment: Qualtrics at NMU