The Decolonizing Diet Project (DDP) (approved by IRB: project # HS11-415) is an exploratory study of the relationship between people and indigenous foods of the Great Lakes Region.

The research team will work with 25 voluntary research subjects to prepare them for a year-long commitment to an indigenous diet of food items from the Great Lakes Region. They will facilitate educational opportunities for the research subjects to learn about accessing indigenous food items through the local economy, foraging, hunting, fishing, and gardening. A database of indigenous foods availability will be developed and shared with research subjects prior to beginning the diet. Research subjects’ data will then be added to the database throughout the implementation and reporting phases.

The DDP research subjects will commit to a level of 25-100% of their daily diet to consist of Indigenous foods from the Great Lakes Region. They will also develop an exercise plan in consultation with an exercise science specialist and/or their personal physician. The DDP study will be self-monitored by the research subjects and documented using video, photo, audio, and written journals/logs. The DDP research team will periodically collect data from the research subjects and transfer it to a central repository for later analysis during the reporting phase.