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Women's [and men's...]Tea =)

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Women's [and men's...]Tea =)
by Kristine Maki - Saturday, May 19, 2012, 4:50 PM
Anyone can drink this tea of course but the herbs together work perfectly for a woman's body but the hormone balancing properties and vitamins are great for men, too. All of these herbs are easily available in the bulk spice/herb section in the co-op. Very affordable, too.

Just to get an idea how awesome these herbs are (google them to learn more) : Nettle (amongst so many other beneficial things) help the urinary tract work properly and something I really like about it is it works great for those with diabetes because it helps regulate blood sugar. Raspberry leaf contains vitamins A and B complex and many minerals, including phosphorous and potassium. It is perfect for pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, labor, and for balancing hormones to ease menstrual symptoms. For men, raspberry leaf, In herbal terms, it’s a “nourishing reproductive tonic”. Rosehips are loaded with Vitamin C and have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties as well. You can easily incorporate rosehips in your cooking, too!

You will need:
  • Equal parts Raspberry Leaf, Rosehips, and Nettle. I premixed this in a ziplock baggie at home.
  • A mesh tea ball or basket (any tea container to hold in this loose tea)
  • boiling water :)
  • Your favorite mug
  • Optional: sweetener of choice, a splash of wild rice milk

Add at least 2 tsp (adjust to the strength you like) into your tea container and steep in boiled water in your favorite mug for 8-10 minutes with a cover over it . Enjoy with your favorite DDP muffin. :)