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Wild Blueberry Pudding

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Re: Wild Blueberry Pudding
by Bradley Barb - Sunday, February 24, 2013, 10:27 AM

I just want to add a few notes to this recipe, after trying it again - with cornmeal several times (instead of masa harina):

* I also have been using pumpkin seed milk, instead of wild rice milk, and find I like it better.

* Just reminding people of this old baking tip: When using a glass pan to bake in, remember to adjust the temperature to 25 degrees lower than the recipe calls for.

* When I made this dish in a glass pan in my regular oven (rather than 1/3 the recipe in my toaster oven, as I had been doing), I needed to actually turn the temperature down to 250 degrees after awhile. (I was afraid that it was cooking a little too hot and fast.) Keep an eye on it and judge for yourself.

* One more thing...Since I was out of wild blueberries this time, I had to use larger, cultivated ones. I felt that the amount looked too sparse when folded in, so I added more. I think that is why the finished texture was not quite as solid, but it still turned out good (just a little different), in my opinion.