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Crock pot venison

Picture of Bacula Karen
Crock pot venison
by Bacula Karen - Monday, April 23, 2012, 10:04 PM
Nothing fancy but it turned out to be very tasty.

1 pound ground venison
1/3 cup wild rice  (I think I would use 1/2 cup rice next time)
2/3 cup water
2 bundles of ramps from the co-op (about 2 dozen) -- I used the bulbs and stems
Non-DDP mushrooms (looking forward to morels!)

I put it all in the crock pot, mixed it up, set it on low and let it stew for about 7 hours.  During the last hour or so, I covered the mixture with some of the leaves from the ramps.  

I am sure it was ready before this but this is the time that worked out for me.

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Re: Crock pot venison
by April Lindala - Monday, April 23, 2012, 10:08 PM
what a great idea!!!!! I can't wait to try this recipe. I'll have to use bison and I think I'll add sunchokes and sweet potatoes.