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The story of the poor man winning 42 lottery tickets

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The story of the poor man winning 42 lottery tickets
by min nguyen - Saturday, September 11, 2021, 10:54 AM

The story of the poor man winning 42 lottery tickets

Poor man won 42 lottery tickets

An Nhut Tan commune, Tan Tru district, Long An is one of the places with a large number of lottery winners. Many people will come here to sit at a restaurant, a market, a restaurant, etc., and there will be countless vendors coming to offer.

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"Just shaking your head and not buying is enough to make your neck tired," said a restaurant owner here. Because this commune often has lottery winners, the sales team and the number of tickets sold here is very large. Here in 1991, the story that T.C.T, now 55 years old, won 42 lottery tickets once, caused a stir throughout Long An province.

According to the locals here, Mr. T, originally from Long Xuyen, used to ignore the Saigon - Western route in the 80s. When passing through Long An, he had a chance to meet and marry Ms. NTU in the commune. An Nhut Tan and settled there.

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At that time, they built a temporary hut, every day Mr. T went to work everywhere, and Ms. U sold water. Although the family life was poor and hard, it passed very smoothly and happily. Once on the way home from work, Mr. T met an old man selling lottery tickets who was upset because there were still 42 unsold lottery tickets. Now that the book is near, I can't even return the lost ticket to the agent, dearly Mr. T has spent his money to buy and help the whole lot of those lottery tickets.