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april 18th,19th, 20th

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april 18th,19th, 20th
by Laura Nagle - Friday, April 20, 2012, 6:42 PM

B: blue berry, pecan, corn patties with maple syrup dripped on top

L: kidney bean, corn chip, and fish

D: turkey bits, one sweet potato chopped up and fried in sunflower oil and cedar tea

B:polenta and pecans added salt

L: turkey, sweet potato, salt, leek stew (without the cooked navy beans)

D: same as lunch with semi cooked beans....i dodged the beans but they will be done in the morning! thankful for croc pots :)

B: sweetwater and chopped up hard boil duck egg, salt and chopped leeks.

L: yummy stew that is totally tasty and cooked :)

D: more stew :)~ fish tomorrow!

these past days have been busy but i was able to hold true to the DDP! feelin good~peace