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Squash patties

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Re: Squash patties
by April Lindala - Saturday, October 6, 2012, 7:26 PM

I really like Andrew's squash patties...but I decided to try my own. This is a bit of a different variation of the recipe above.

2 packed cups of minced butternut squash (not cooked)

1/8 cup of maple sugar

3 tablespoons of corn flour

1 tablespoon of sweet fern

1 tsp of kosher sale

pinch of leek salt

1 tablespoon of butternut squash oil

1 beaten duck egg

tablespoon of sunflower oil for pan

mix everything together - egg should help to bind ingredient.

put oil in pan over medium heat on stovetop. put a large spoonful of the mixture in the pan once the oil has started to get warm. flatten the mixture so it works like a pancake. My patties were not too small but not too big. (pictures posted on facebook page).  Let sit for 3 minutes on each size - enough for them to be crispy. this was a pretty good mixture...I certainly gobbled them up...but I could see this go on the sweet side too...leave out leek salt and sweet fern and go...more maple sugar, crab apple sauce perhaps and some pecans?!