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Baked Whitefish and/or Lake Trout

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Baked Whitefish and/or Lake Trout
by April Lindala - Tuesday, April 3, 2012, 12:19 AM
Here is the recipe I was using for Whitefish and Lake Trout

RECIPE - Baked Fish
Fresh whitefish

Duck Eggs

Sunflower Spray

Sunflower Oil

Natural Corn Tostitos

Natural Blue Corn Tostitos

Kosher Salt
Thill's Fish House

Mqt Food Co-op



Econo Foods

Econo Foods


$2.09 for six

$3.98/can (I think)

not sure




To get started, I made breading out of Natural Corn Tostitos and Natural Blue Corn Tostitos and Kosher Salt. (I couldn't find and corn meal but I plan to use that in the future.) I used about 8-10 chips of each chip and about a tablespoon of salt. I put chips in a bag and took the rolling pin to the bag.

I pan fried each fish in sunflower oil for a few minutes, let them cool and dropped pieces of each fish in whipped duck eggs (I used two - they were big - worked fine). After the fish were covered in egg I moved to the breading and covered each fish piece in breading then put on a baking sheet sprayed in sunflower spray.

Baked for 30 minutes at 325 degrees (although some on-line recipes will heat a lot more for less time - but those weren't pan fried first?).