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Ground bison with hominy and wild rice

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Ground bison with hominy and wild rice
by April Lindala - Tuesday, April 3, 2012, 12:11 AM
Here is a recipe (with some additions).

RECIPE- Bison with Hominy and Wild Rice
Locale for ingredients
Ground Bison 1 lb

Wild rice - 3/4 cup

Hominy - four cups

Kosher salt to taste
Northern Meats in Ishpeming (across from movie theatre)

Nett Lake


$8.95 per pound (but had shopping show certificates from great lakes radio)


huge can was $2.98.
(total of 12 cups)


Okay, next time I might not use as much hominy in the future but I felt like I had to cook it. I have a ton of it. Anyway, I browned the ground bison. Cooked wild rice -- boil on high for ten minutes, then cover on low until the rice breaks open and starts to curl. Cook hominy - basically I just let it boil for a while, then put it on low. Keep stirring both rice and hominy to make sure nothing sticks to the bottom. Mix all together when everything is cooked. Add salt to taste (and it will need something). Didn't have leeks, but will add minced leeks next time.