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Sweet turkey

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Re: Sweet turkey
by Andrew Bek - Tuesday, December 11, 2012, 5:58 PM

Sure.  I used eight oz of turkey tenders, cubed into bite sized pieces.  For browning, just a light coat of oil on the bottom of the medium hot frying pan.  For the cranberry or other fruit juice, use about 1/2 cup and then let it mostly boil off the liquid.  Two table spoons of maple syrup makes the final glaze, added directly to the browned turkey and remainder of the oil.  Cook further over low heat to glaze without burning.

For the morel manoomin, I used dehydrated mushrooms which were reconstituted with warm water, drained and chopped fine.  Lightly saute the morel pieces and add to manoomin just before it is light and fluffy and done.  Mix throughly and then let rest to infuse the rice with the delicate morels.