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Corn Silk Tea

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Corn Silk Tea
by April Lindala - Saturday, September 8, 2012, 9:42 PM

Before removing the husk from the ear of corn, cut the brown hairs and leave only the blond hairs sticking out of the top. Remove the husk of corn and when you get to the last layers of husk...hold the hairs with one hand and remove the remaining husks with the other, then twist and pull of the silk hairs. Place silk on paper towels.

Take two ears worth of silk and place in a pot for boiling. pour 1 1/2 cups of water over the corn to make sure all of it is wet. Simmer for ten minutes. Strain the water through some sort of filter (I used a coffer filter and funnel). This way the hair is caught and the liquid goes in the cup.

At first this has a light sweet taste just like the corn, but after about half of a cup it just didn't suit me. According to many websites, there are a lot of healing properties of corn silk. I also remember an elder from my mother's reserve talking about this tea several years ago.

Just because I didn't care for it doesn't mean it is bad. I am saving another ten ears worth of silk and drying it out just in case someone else would like to try to work with it. I also saw a website that suggested the silk be cut up into tiny bits and sprinkled over salad.

one thing I learned from one of the website...that each corn silk hair is connected to one kernel...this is how the kernel connects with the sun...through the silky hair. Who knew?