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Re: DDP Falafel
by Bradley Barb - Monday, March 11, 2013, 3:23 PM


Other DDP falafel suggestions:

I tried Marty’s recipe with and without maple sugar (and when included, a little less than Marty’s called for). With the non- maple sugar variation and the original recipe (both w/o sunchoke powder, which was not available in my kitchen), I divided each batch in half – using both the fried and the baked (Jessica’s) methods of cooking. What I found is that, while I usually prefer baking over frying, for health reasons, I think I would choose frying in the future. The reasons being:

1. The oil kept drying up (becoming absorbed by falafel) on the baking sheet, so I had to keep adding it.

2. While requiring more oil for cooking, frying takes much less time – and fuel – than baking.

I also tried a DDP adaption of my own, more Middle Eastern version, also in divided batches – one with, and one without maple sugar, each recipe tried both fried and baked (doin’ some experimenting). These were made without pumpkin seed flour, and with only a small amount of corn flour (1/3 cup to 4 cups beans) and a few drops of water added.

While the end products came out very close in taste (which surprised me), I do prefer the taste of the one with less flour. (It is also easier to work with.)

As far as using maple sugar as an ingredient, I could go either way, although I am leaning more towards the addition of it (but, as I said earlier, a little less).

Another thing is, I more than doubled the sweet fern (but I almost always add more herbs than recipes call for). Oh, and I would like to try minced wild leek bulbs in the mixture next time.

All in all, DDP falafels are a great addition to our recipe collection.